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What is FindShibby?

FindShibby is a utility token that is closely tied to the Shibby Snacks brand, a pet food and nutritional supplement company.

The token and the Company are working together to form a pet ecosystem, with a portion of profits from Shibby Snacks being used to fund a charity and support the FINDSHIBBY token.

The Company is also planning to expand worldwide and offer rewards in FINDSHIBBY to customers who purchase Shibby Snacks products.

The developers of FindShibby have emphasized transparency and have undergone multiple audits to ensure the validity of the project for users and investors. The company is also planning to make their manufacturing plant 100% powered by renewable energy.


Auto Liquidity


Auto Liquidity

Introducing our 'Liquidity Boost' mechanism. With every sale, a small percentage is directed towards increasing liquidity, creating a steady upward trajectory for our coin's price floor. This innovative approach ensures the sustained stability and growth of our coin, enabling it to reach new heights.

Rocket Fuel


Rocket Fuel

Introducing our revolutionary 'Rocket fuel Tax'; a dynamic and forward-thinking approach to coin growth. With every transaction, a small percentage is dedicated towards fueling the rocket of success for our coin. This tax goes towards vital elements such as Marketing, Development, Building a top-notch Team, and even a Buyback program, all to ensure the sustained growth and prosperity of our coin.

Pet Charity

At FindShibby, our mission is to improve the lives of dogs and other animals. That’s why we have established a charity wallet as an integral part of our platform. Every time a FindShibby token is purchased or sold, a portion of the transaction will be directed towards this charity wallet, enabling us to make a meaningful impact on the lives of animals in need.

We’re also proud to have partnered with Shibby Snacks, whose profits also contribute to our charity wallet. Together, we’re committed to making a significant impact globally.

Our ultimate goal is for our charity wallet to be on a smart contract, where the community can have a say in where the funds are donated. This way, we can work together to make a real difference in the world.

❤️Already donated over 4000$ ❤️

Get started


You will want to download either Trust Wallet (for your smartphone) or MetaMask (for your smartphone or for your browser in the form of an extension). Once you have downloaded either one of these you will have to add the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) Network to your network-list. A tutorial on how to do this can be found HERE

Use an exchange such as Binance to purchase BNB. After your Purchase, you can withdraw the BNB tokens from the exchange into your MetaMask or Trust Wallet via the address given to your wallet (BEP20 Network).
Your wallet address starts with 0x.

Under assets, press Add Token, press Custom Token then paste the contract address in: 0x9a21477b4e9ea5f7946d75876a186a1194559828. Once you’ve done this, simply press next, then save & you can see your $FSHIBBY Token count and the value of it in your wallet.

Token Distribution

Total Supply 1 Billion
Initial Distribution

Token Allocation

Migration V1 to V2 (36,74%)
Private Sale (20%)*
Burned (sent to dead address) (17,27%)*
Locked Liquidity (locked on PinkSale) (19,58%)
Migration Bridge (4,13%)
Token Vesting (1,11%)
Project Lock (1%)

*not final

Frequently Asked Questions

FindShibby is a cross-chain token on ETH and Binance Smart Chain. You’re able to buy on both ETH chain and/or BSC chain (via PancakeSwap)

Yes, security is our highest priority and we only use battle-tested, extensively audited code. Our token is not forked, it’s individually coded for our needs. We’re currently in process of obtainining several audits from trusted audit services.

On every transaction or trade, up to 2% of the tax will be automatically transferred to the charity wallet.

FINDSHIBBY holders have the power to create proposals and have control over which charity will receive donations.

The best way to contact the team is through our Telegram. We are always available to
help you!

If our developers or management are not available, all admins are happy to help you too.


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